Sober: New Single Available Now!

Sober Cover Art


The new track "Sober" is now available for purchase.


All Sales Benefit the Homeless

All proceeds from the album, "My Own Way Home", the "Rise Again" single, and the new "Sober" release will be donated directly to The Road Home in SLC, Utah.

The Road Home helps people step out of homelessness and back into their communities. They are so much more than just a shelter. Find out more about the great work they do on their website.

Whether you purchase my music from iTunes, Amazon, or any online retailer (including my own website, of course), 100% of all revenue will go directly to The Road Home.

Alternatively (and this will put even more of the money directly into The Road Home), you can donate directly to the wonderful people at The Road Home right from their website using the link below. Send me a receipt, and I will send you some free download links matching your donation amount!



" Though the world will change for no man
  And the light, which shone, may be gone
  And the hatred descends on some men
  There's a love to shine for all man"

--Hope, Randon Purcell

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