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The Road Home

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I have decided to pledge 100% of ALL 2014 album and individual song purchases from "My Own Way Home" to one of my favorite organizations, The Road Home.

The Road Home helps people step out of homelessness and back into their communities. They are so much more than just a shelter. Find out more about the great work they do on their website.

Whether you purchase the album from iTunes, Amazon, or any online retailer (including my own website, of course), 100% of all revenue will go directly to The Road Home. No, I'm not being sneaky and taking out expenses for CDs or Advertising first. I mean 100% of everything I get paid.

Of course, purchasing directly on my website means no middle-man, so more of your purchase will go straight to The Road Home. However, a lot of times it is easier and more desirable to purchase the album from iTunes, etc. Either way, every penny I get will go to The Road Home. This applies to both digital (download) and physical CD purchases.

Alternatively (and this will put even more of the money directly into The Road Home), you can donate directly to the wonderful people at The Road Home right from their website using the link below. If you send me a receipt from your donation for $10, I will send you a digital copy of my album for free. If you send a receipt from your donation of $15 or more, I will ship a CD of my album to you for free.


" Though the world will change for no man
  And the light, which shone, may be gone
  And the hatred descends on some men
  There's a love to shine for all man"

--Hope, Randon Purcell

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