New Single: Just Take It In

Help Annika Fight Cancer Now

I am happy to announce the release of my new single "Just Take It In"!

This single is from the new album I am currently working on, and I truly hope you enjoy it. There's a little bonus b-side for those of you who enjoy a straight up electronic track as well.

I feel it is very important throughout the year, but especially during the holidays, to keep in mind those who have needs. As such, I'm asking everyone to PLEASE pay it forward and help my little friend Annika. You may remember her from our benefit concert this past summer.

Annika is unfortunately fighting another round against her cancer, and all of those treatments and hospital stays can be extremely expensive. While we may not be able to help in many ways, we can at least make sure her family does not have to worry about this on top of everything else.

I have setup a special fundraiser page through here: Annika's Fundraiser Page. I realize we all have expenses around the holidays, but even the smallest donations go a long way. Please help with whatever you can.

And more importantly, PLEASE spread the word. Vist the fundraiser page and share it across your social networks often. A viral fundraiser has immense power to do good.

I will donate $2 for every purchase of my new single. So, buy it now, and your payment will go straight to Annika's fundraiser! Alternatively, make a larger donation and I'll send you the music for free. Either way, get it now!

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